The Electoral College acts

Whether you are a Biden or a Trump supporter, Monday’s unanimous vote by the Electoral College confirming Biden’s November victory appears to be the end of the road about questioning the legitimacy of the election.

Everyone in this nation can use the court system as the president has been using it to put off the inevitable or to overturn the outcome of an event that only a court can overturn.

The courts have roundly and decisively rejected the presdent’s claims of massive fraud.

On two occasions the Supreme Court refused even to hear the president’s complaints, tossing them out without discussion or rancor or animus.

Bottom line, the president has come to the end of the road trying to overturn the election of Biden.

This does not mean the president has given up the right to continue complaining that Biden is an illegitimate president, the same way he complained for five years that PresidentObama wasn’t an American.

This is America. We have freedom of speech and everyone is allowed to make use of it.

If anyone goes over the line, the courts can intervene and often do.

We welcome President Biden and wish him good luck.

We wish President Trump good health and many happy returns.

Let’s get on with our lives and return to normal, get rid of this virus, and get the economy going again.

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