Can’t we all just get along

By Stephen Pinto

The city has no right to take money out of School Department accounts earmarked for the kids of Everett’s Public Schools.

If it isn’t illegal, it should be.

For those of us watching proceedings of the city council, it is obvious to most observers that Councilor Gerly Adrien’s constitutional rights to free speech and thought are being impeded by the mayor’s mouthpiece, Council President Rosa DiFlorio.

DiFlorio stands against, criticizes, and condemns Adrien at every opportunity. She tries talking over her. She tells her she’s out of order. She will call a recess in order to silence Adrien.

This is becoming a very serious matter.

Councilor DiFlorio can’t understand the basic math when it comes to school department reimbursements.

If she can’t understand this, she should resign.

Why would anyone want her voting on city finances and spending when she doesn’t understand them.

Councilor Adrien has the right to express herself about her displeasure with the way city hall is operating under the current mayor, Carlo DeMaria.

If you disagree with her or the mayor, DiFlorio doesn’t like it. Besides, her husband is employed by the mayor.

At a recent meeting, she practically tore off Councilor Fred Capone’s head, particularly after Capone called into question the city government’s abuse of power.

The night Adrien was excoriated by her colleagues with racist rants and calls for her

resignation, DiFlorio never interceded., How could she? She started all the attacks.

As a city, we are coming very close to major litigation about the city is run.

Councilor DiFlorio supports the mayor because her husband is on the city payroll.

That’s her decision. I get it. Everyone else gets this. This doesn’t make it right. DiFlorio needs to rethink her public methods.

But then, she doesn’t have much time remaining as the council president.

The bully will no longer have her pulpit. Hopefully, the next council president (very likely Wayne Matewsky) will be professional, fair and honest-tolerant, and respectful of civil rights as well.

The constitution, the rules of the city charter, and freedom of speech laws must all be followed to the letter.

As for former Councilor Peter Napolitano, he’s doing the right thing for himself. He knew he’d lose his seat next time around.

Being assistant city clerk beats losing the council seat and being left out in the cold.

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll end up the city clerk!

Under the DeMaria Administration, anything is possible.

You can be a loyal soldier for the mayor but quite often his loyal soldiers end up being thrown under the bus by him.

Loyalty to himself is the only thing the mayor knows.

Stephen Pinto is a longtime resident of Everett and a close follower of city hall politics and economics.

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