Mayor bucks Governor Baker, Encore open during rollback

Doesn’t believe casino contributes to Covid-19 surge


Saying you have to do what you have to do, the mayor spurned imposing new restrictions asked for by the governor which would likely have caused the casino to close down during the present surge.

At least that’s how the mayor put it for the Boston Herald, which highlighted in its Sunday edition the mayor’s refusal to impose further restrictions that might have caused the casino to close.

The mayor told the Herald he believed that the casino was not contributing to the spread of the virus.

“The mayor should be given some credit for keeping the casino open. Without it, without the income we get from it, the city will be in severe financial straits. It would be a catastrophe,” said Councilor Mike Marchese.

The mayor insisted the virus was being spread in Everett inside individual homes and apartments crowded with people and because of those coming in from the outside into those homes and apartments during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Such individual gatherings are believed to have caused the dramatic spike in cases and deaths across the nation.

The mayor had no comments about the Massachusetts Gaming Commission shutting down one of the restaurants operating inside the hotel citing an illegal oversized assemblage during a recent event.

The mayor appears to have put business before science in this instance.

CDC guidelines make it clear that the virus is transmitted wherever larger gatherings of people within proximity to one another takes place.

The casino is just that kind of venue.

Casino officials have not revealed numbers, if any, with regard to those employees who have become infected or casino visitors who have come down with the virus.

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