Mischief, thou art afoot

The title for this editorial comes from Shakespeare’s masterpiece, “Julius Caesar.”

It is intended for the reader to be aware that something not quite right is about to happen.

Mischief, thou art afoot might well be the phrase to begin a public discussion about Councilor Anthony DiPierro’s request for a renegotiation of school committee salaries, being done especially, we believe, because his cousin the mayor has recently become a voting member of the school committee.

The mayor is not inclined to do anything without being paid for it, at least this is the way he has put it to friends and foes alike over the years.

We are wondering, what exactly will the mayor’s vote and takeover of the school committee cost the voters per vote?

We are also wondering if it is legal, moral, or even justifiable that the mayor, who receives about $185,000 a year, should, can, or will receive an extra salary for attending meetings of the school committee.

Actually, once things get going, he will likely receive pay- ment for his services to the school committee.

When and if that occurs, he will thank his cousin Councilor DiPierro for getting the ball rolling.

The question is this: is there anyone in government willing to question the efficacy of the mayor being paid a salary in addition to his mayoral salary to be a voting member of the school committee?

Or does this just not matter, as so many other things about the mayor’s compensation and work ethic tend not to matter?

We will be following this noble effort of Councilor DiPierro for his cousin the mayor.

If we have it wrong, we will apologize.

Forgive us for wondering on behalf of the people of this city.

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