Stimlus bill signed, help is on the way

Thousands to benefit from added relief, virus aid, delayed evictions


In a surprise move, President Donald Trump signed the $908 billion stimulus funding package into law Sunday night, ending days of speculation about whether or not the president would act.

Thousands of Everett residents will benefit from the package being signed into law.

The Treasury Department can now distribute the funding, or at least have it set aside to the proper authorities to provide $600 checks for about 90 million Americans; an extension of federally supported and funded unemployment benefits, including a $300 a week added stipend; relief for small businesses and money for COVID-19 distribution and testing, an extension of a ban on evictions until the end of January as well as rental assistance among many other benefits included in the package.

For Everett residents Trump’s action makes the next three months until the end of March, livable.

Everett’s unemployment numbers are high. The extended unemployment benefits and the weekly bonus makes the next 90-100 days far more palatable to the unemployed here.

The $600 checks will be sent out and will likely hit those with checking accounts or savings accounts linked with the IRS in or within two weeks.

Efforts by the president to raise the amount of the checks to $2,000 for individuals earning $75,000 or less and $4,000 for couples earning $150,000 or less are planned for this week in the Congress.

Obviously, whether or not the larger check amount pass- es both houses of congress is a big deal for about 90 million Americans.

The unemployment benefits which ran out the day after Christmas will now be reinstituted across the nation.

Here in Massachusetts, it is expected the benefits will be resumed almost immediately, although there are reports it might take a week for reinstatement.

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