The Patriots and Tom Brady

As one year ends and another begins, we have to live with the detritus following Tom Brady’s departure and the failure of the Patriots to recover from that.

Brady has gone on to new heights with the Buccaneers. They are heading into the playoffs. They have gone to the sky with Brady at the helm of the offense.

How could it have been any other way when you think about it?

We wish the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) a Super Bowl victory!

How sweet that would be…for the Buccaneers and for those of us who miss Brady?

As for the Patriots…the season has been like a death march.

Everything accomplished over the past two decades has come apart during the 2020 season.

The dynasty is not yet dead, but it is dying with very little breath left in it to support life.

The dismal year reveals that nothing lasts forever, not even the Patriot’s dynasty.

What makes all of this worse, is that Brady has been tossing touchdown passes to Gronk.

If you listen to sports talk radio, you are left to wonder: how could it all have come to this?

Brady leaving the Pats was the end of the road for the Pats. We all should have known this.

There are no Tom Bradys coming up in the roster in Foxboro.

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