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As Covid-19 rages in city, mayor was in Aruba

Who pays for Caribbean trips questions linger


When the mayor travels to Aruba, he most often stays at the Ritz-Carlton, one of the island’s most prestigious and expensive hotels.

An average room rental begins at $800, with suites and larger units renting for $1500 to $2500 a night.

The resort facility features a casino, among other luxuries.

In the past, the mayor has been questioned by some of his opponents about whether or not he pays for the accommodations, or whether supporters pay for him.

During the past two years, he has taken as many as five vacations in Aruba and has stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.

In addition, it is a part of Everett political folklore that for many years, the mayor’s flights were paid for by others who purchased the tickets for him.

Since the mayor has been investigated by the FBI (an open-ended investigation that has not yet been concluded), insiders claim he has become more careful about using his campaign account or allegedly unreported donations made by close supporters to pay for his flights and his suite rental.

A sandy beach on the popular vacation destination of Aruba. (Photo by Pixabay)

Friends have reported to the Leader Herald that during many of the trips to Aruba, the mayor ensconces himself at the Ritz-Carlton while his friends and supporters stay at lesser hotels and motels along the beach.

An e-mail sent to the Ritz-Carlton front desk in Aruba by the LH over the weekend asked if it would be OK to send the mayor a present of a box of cigars.

“Would it be delivered?” the Leader Herald asked.

The following e-mail reply was sent to us. “Thank you for contacting us!

Allow mynameisKianaandIamacon- cierge at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

To clarify, have you arranged the cigars to be delivered from an off-property vendor? If so, the company would be able to bring the cigars to the front desk and we will have them delivered to the room.

Please note that due to the hotel’s strict liability policy, we are unable to provide any details regarding our guests.”

Kind, regards,

Kiana Geerman Concierge
The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba L.G Smith Boulevard 10
Palm Beach | ARUBA

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