City to get $3.1M Covid -19 funding

JANUARY 4: A handwritten sign indicates the test site for Covid-19 at the Gentile Rec Center. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The state will be forwarding $3.1 million in CARES Act money to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 virus in the city, the city has announced.

Governor Baker and Lt. Gov. Polito pushed for the added funding to be sent to Everett as Everett’s infection figures have exploded during the past two months.

Despite not being considered eligible for the funding, Senator Sal DiDomenico and the rep pushed hard for it.

The added funding will be used for rental and mortgage assistance as well as increased funds for food purchases to be used for free distribution.

The lines for free food have been noticeably large and long and growing at the city’s major food dispensaries.

The signing of the Stimulus by the president may also aid in bringing more funding to the city from the federal government to help out small businesses as well as individuals.

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