High School winter sports schedules remain benched


Winter Sports at Everett Public Schools will remain on freeze until further notice, with no formal decision being made to allow school sports to resume in the city as of Tuesday night.

In December the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and the Everett Public Schools administration, including coaches agreed to allow Winter Sports to commence at Everett High School given a strict schedule and modified rules be implemented but a last-second blocking from the City prevented it from happening due to concerns about rising Covid-19 numbers.

If the City of Everett authorizes HS sports to continue, a 10-game basketball season could start the week of January 18 but it would come at the cost of hyper-modified gameplay and an NBA bubble-like schedule.

New rules like only several seconds of body-to- body contact will assuredly alter the pace of the game and how it is played, given the overall physicality of the sport. Schedules for all Everett sports teams would change across the board, with matches on the slate coming against Greater Boston League opponents exclusively. The hope is, should there be a season, an inter-league Tournament will take place sometime in February.

A final decision is said to be handed down by the city in the coming days, according to sources, who said all involved were hoping to have clarity on the situation shortly after the holiday break.

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