$268K is the cost of wreaths, decorations

Wreaths on the light poles along Broadway near Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The mayor’s office revealed to the city council Monday night that the city spent $268,000 for Christmas decorations.

The mayor’s office failed to provide information or documents about the bid process – if any – that preceded the purchase of the Christmas wreaths or the tree or the services of an electrical company to install everything that cost $23,000.

Councilor Fred Capone questioned the $268,000 expense and the procurement effort.

“I am requesting invoices and bid process information,” he told the mayor’s representative.

Capone said he was concerned about the expense for the Christmas decorations and that several constituents had requested that he inquire about them.

“We need to be careful. I’d like to get payment invoices. I want to see how the bidding went,” he added.

The mayor’s office said the wreaths cost $838 each and can be stored and reused.

The city tree replaced a tree that had been donated to the city but did not work out due to imperfections in the tree. The city then bought a tree for $7,500.

Capone requested information about bidding and invoicing for the tree.

The city council approved Capone’s motion seeking information.

It was sent to the mayor’s office.

Only Councilor Mike McLaughlin voted against the measure.

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