President Wayne Matewsky is right

City Council President Wayne Matwksy has introduced a few thoughts about the city council cutting down its sometimes endless, repetitive, over and over debate among its members about subjects great and small.

His effort, he tells the Leader Herald, is to shorten city council meetings, which can often run into midnight endings. Matewsky is smart to do this for several reasons.
There is way too much talk about nothing among many of the councilors.

The need for 10 councilors to respond to every bit on the bi-weekly agenda is like having to watch the same television commercial 10 times in a row.

The councilors should have enough belief in themselves, and in voters who put them there, to go easy on the fluff and reserve speaking unless their speech matters.

Speaking for the sake of hearing oneself speak will be put to test by President Matewsky.

His effort isn’t about muzzling his colleagues.

Rather, it is about making their speeches count.

Let’s see what he is able to do to streamline meetings without the meetings losing their reason to exist.

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