The Capitol takeover

The Capital Building.

No President of the United States can urge a rabid crowd of right-wing lunatics to attack the Capital, have five people die during the attack and the Capitol trashed, and get away with it.

This editorial is not about picking on President Trump or dismissing conservative thought and process.

This editorial is talking out loud about doing what is right to keep our democracy whole.

The storming of the Capitol and its takeover, instigated by the president and several thousand right-wing haters and society wreckers, requires that the president be brought to pay for what he did.

None of us should ever forget – the haters attacking the Capitol were, almost to a person, Black haters, Jew-haters, Hispanic haters, in general, haters of everyone but those who think their way.

Not all the protesters were haters – just the violent protesters were enough to bring the government to a standstill at the exact moment the congress was voting on the official certification of the president’s election.

What President Trump did urging on the protesters was as wrong as anything we can recall an American president doing.

President Trump must be made to answer.

Telling us he had nothing to do with it doesn’t work.

After all, Americans aren’t idiots. Even conservative Americans aren’t idiots.

The president telling us he didn’t believe anything bad would happen while urging on the radical right protesters is bunk, the true stuff of lies thrown in our face by the president.

The president telling the nation that not only was the election stolen from him but that he won by a landslide is a lie that has given rise to an uprising of right wing, hating radicals.

If nothing is done, chaos will rule the future.

We don’t believe the government is going to fall any time soon.

But without the president owning up to his bad behavior, almost anything is possible in the days and weeks to come.

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