President Biden to launch nationwide vaccinations

JANUARY 15: RN Risa Ferrara prepares a Covid-19 vaccination for first responders at Rumney Marsh Academy. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The inauguration of President Joe Biden this week will apparently signal the beginning of the federal government’s role in vaccinating the American population.

To date, the creation of the vaccine stands as a modern miracle of medical science, and one former President Trump can take credit for.

The mishandling of the distribution effort and the production end of the program are both enormous failures as Biden takes office.

Everett is an example of how a community only this week got its first responders vaccinated with the general public, largely and almost entirely unvaccinated with no end to such a scenario in sight.

Everett is a living example of a city being overrun by the virus and the inability of its population and its city government to curtail its outbreak.

This week and last week Everett has reported the largest number of infections that have been recorded since the epidemic shut everything down last March.

Biden has promised to put the federal government in charge of vaccinating the American public, an effort once underway, is likely to achieve just that…the vaccination of nearly everyone willing to be vaccinated.

The effort will take months and months.

At this moment in time, even if vaccination facilities were available to the masses, vaccinations on a mass scale couldn’t take place.


There is not enough vaccine to go around for mass vaccinations.

Right now, infections are spreading more rapidly than last March, with tens of millions infected in the nation, with daily virus infection rates soaring, and with that, hospitalizations and deaths.

Another improbability is how many millions will refuse the vaccine due to superstition, a lack of belief in science, or simply as a result of Americans saying they don’t want to be vaccinated because it is their right.

Mass vaccinations in Massachusetts will not be available until as late as February or March, if at all, according to reports coming from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the CDC.

In between awaiting the vaccinations, many more thousands will get sick, will be hospitalized, and will die.

The economy remains stuck, paralyzed by the virus and our abysmal reaction to it.

While there has been no public talk about using the Encore facility as a mass inoculation site, the use in Las Vegas of the Encore facility there has given rise to the belief that state leaders might be making such a suggestion for the Everett facility.

Such a decision would be welcome.

Everett today is a Petrie dish of virus infections among its population.

Presently, there is no end in sight for months.

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