Matewsky appointments aim to streamline and focus on issues

City Council president Wayne Matewsky and his mother Marian at Matewsky’s swearing as council president.

New council president sets committee for upcoming session


Council President Wayne Matewsky has promised to take the repetition out of city government.

He has slotted key councilors to lead council committees in order to shorten council meetings and to focus on issues being fully vetted before committees before going to a vote before the council.

Bottom line, Matewsky says that too much time is being taken up with issues before the council when most of the issues should be resolved in committee and then voted on officially by the council.

Matewsky named Councilor Mike Marchese to chair the Ways and Means Committee.

Longtime Councilor Rosa DiFlorio will co-chair the committee.

Councilors Jimmy Tri Le and Richard Dell Iso- la will serve on the committee.

The Budget Committee will be headed by Councilor Michael McLaughlin and co-chaired by Councilor Anthony DiPierro. The entire council is members of this committee.

Councilor Rosa DiFlorio will chair the Committee on Business and Development. Marchese will co-chair the committee. Councilors John Hanlon and Gerly Adrien will serve as members of this committee.

The Government Operations and Public Safety Committee will be chaired by Councilor Stephanie Martins and co-chaired by Councilor Jimmy Tri Le. Members will be Councilors Richard Dell Isola and McLaughlin.

The Legislative Affairs and Elections Committee will be chaired by DiPierro and co-chaired by DiFlorio. Councilors Fred Capone. and Martins will be members of this committee.

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