Congratulating Peter Napolitano


We wish to congratulate former Councilor Peter Napolitano on his appointment as the Assistant City Clerk.

Napolitano will be jumping on where former Mayor and Assistant City Clerk David Ragucci left off when he recently retired – ending a very long run
of holding successful positions of great influence in this city for many years.

Napolitano brings to the position a knowledge of how this city works, and how the city clerk’s office is run.

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Mayor needs to wake up and smell the roses


Maybe the mayor already received his vaccine. I don’t know.

Should I care?

We should all care.

Why should he be vaccinated before any of us? So, he can go to Aruba in safety for a vacation? I’m not sure how he did it or even if he did it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did.

I could easily hear him saying under his breath, “To hell with everyone else. I’m going to the front of the line. I’m the mayor. I deserve it before anyone else.”

Was he vaccinated before the police and firefighters?

Probably. It’s just a guess. But I don’t know.

In the meantime, I’m not sure why the airline industry is up and operating. Nothing like an up and running group of airlines ferrying thousands of infected people to destinations all over the nation as an open invitation to spread the virus.
If all accounts are correct, the virus is going to get worse before it gets better. Why would someone get on a plane right now is beyond comprehension?

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Encore occupancy permit should have been questioned

The city government failed monumentally Monday night when Encore occupancy permit was renewed by acclimation by the city council with the mayor in attendance without a word or question.

The Encore occupancy permit is arguably the most valuable occupancy permit in Everett – and very likely, in all of Massachusetts.

Yet the approval was lumped together with several lodging houses and smaller businesses.

Several councilors praised a lodging house owner for being there at the meeting with his lawyer. They said he understood the rules of engagement with the city. They were pleased.

Meanwhile, Encore sent one of its attorneys to make sure the casino giant was covered if anything went awry.

Why not a question from a city councilor – or from the mayor (who attended the Zoom hearing) – was asked about whether or not the city has been paid the full $30 million in lieu of taxes that was due from Encore in 2020 reveals the incompetence and lack of transparency by the administration.The councilors were pleased to see her there but not a question was sent her way.

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Mayor’s taxpayer funded reelection campaign

The mayor has been using the city’s water billing system for the past several months to mail out citywide a slick, newly conceived campaign media piece paid for by taxpayers.

Its cost – about $4,000 a month.

The piece is mainly and overtly about him and all the good he is doing.

It is also distributed around the city at corner stores, et cetera The mayor’s media folks – his chief of staff, et al – are showing him how to use taxpayer money to send out a Carlo DeMaria for Mayor newsletter and how to pass it around.

In a city served rather well served by three newspapers, it is a wonder he feels the need to have his own publication.

In two of the newspapers, the mayor has been running full-page paid advertisements about his accomplishments – paid for by guess who – the taxpayers.

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Tom Brady to the Super Bowl – again

“This is New England. This is a tough and nasty sports environment. Not everyone was rooting for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to win last Sunday to gain a chance for another Super Bowl ring.”

That’s how a local sports maven described his view of the way many New England sports fans tend to think.

That being said, I believe the Leader Herald speaks for millions of Patriots sports fans who rooted for Brady the GOAT all the way Sunday.

All of us rooting for Brady agreed – the victory over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers was about as sweet as victories can be.

Many of us shared the same feeling about the victory.

Why wasn’t this a Patriots victory with Brady directing the plays?

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