Ragucci bids city hall arrivederci

JANUARY 28: Former mayor and assistant city clerk David Ragucci (above) will be leaving Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Classy former mayor calls it a political career, tips his hat to all


Former mayor, former assistant city clerk, former Everett Alderman, former Stoneham Town Manager David Ragucci took his final walk out of the front door of Everett city hall last week.

The first Italian mayor of the city when he beat his opponent by 3400 votes will be recalled as one of Everett’s best mayors – and easily – the classiest representative of the community in Everett’s history.

He walked out of city hall with a wide smile and a sense that the history he leaves behind will always be recalled by those who summon up the names of the city’s great modern leaders.

“I am so proud of this city and of my lifelong relationship with it. My administration was inclusive – no one was left behind. No one was thrown under the bus. My term in office was the highlight of my political life. I am grateful to all those who trusted in me, who worked for me and with me, and who worked hard and smart to make this city a better place,” said the former mayor.

Ragucci gave the corner office at city hall panache.

He loved sitting back in his mayor’s chair and smoking a cigar with the company of friends.

He was no pushover. He was a younger, good looking, million-dollar smile guy who was capable of great charm to those who were with him and even to those against him.

“I want to spend time with my grandchildren and to watch them grow-up,” he added.

“Thank you to everyone for this wonderful send-off,” he added.

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