Street signs tell a story

New street signs with red letters are being put up all over the city.

This would be a nice added addition to looking good if the signs being taken down weren’t only 2 years old. We are not sure what the rationale is for taking down perfectly lettered, almost new street signs of one color to replace them with signs of another color.

It does not matter who is paying for the new red street signs.

They are a waste of money to purchase. They are a waste of valuable city labor to put up.

We believe if the state has given the signs to Everett, it is a sign that the state is wasting precious dollars to trade one color for another.

If the city is paying for the street signs, and then paying employees to put them up but only after taking down the older signs, well, waste is waste. It doesn’t matter what level of government is involved.

If it is about public safety, we apologize.

Many of those who have asked us what is up with new street signs to replace new street signs, we are left almost speechless for a sensible answer.

In the present political environment at city hall, with a mayor who spends whatever is there until it is gone, new red street signs are symptomatic of the gross waste of precious tax dollars perpetrated by the administration.

A street sign is a street sign is a street sign.

Whether they are blue, or yellow or green, or red does not matter in the scheme of things.

New red-lettered street signs going up all over the city during a pandemic and a fiscal crunch is an irresponsible project decided on without an ounce of prudence taken into consideration by an administration that has lost its way.

The city should be saving money for a rainy day instead of spending wasteful sums of money on projects that have little to no added value or meaning.

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