George Lane

FEBRUARY 5: Redevelopment of the former St. Therese’s church site (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The new Director of Inspectional Services is George Lane.

This is a great appointment, not only for those who work side by side with him but for those developers building in Everett who expect professionalism at city hall.

Mr. Lane is highly respected.

He treats everyone the same way – with a sense of fairness and equity for all who use the department.

He takes the job of enforcing the city’s building codes seriously.

He expects builders and tradesmen and women to do the same.

He has a great work ethic. He sets an example for everyone working in the department.

He knows the department inside and out.

We congratulate Mr. Lane on his unanimous appointment.

We wish him many years of good health and success in his new position.

The Inspectional Services Department remains in good hands.

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