Rep. McGonagle and the new speaker

The truth be known, Rep. McGonagle misses former Speaker Robert DeLeo, who retired last month as the longest serving speaker in Massachusetts history.

However, we are pleased to report that Rep. McGonagle has shown his ability to change with the times.

He has a great working relationship with the new Speaker Ron Mariano.

In fact, McGonagle is Mariano’s type of guy.

Mariano is a people person. He has a strong work ethic.

He knows the House of Representatives quite well.

His inclination to give reps like McGonagle what he asks for, when he asks for it.

McGonagle has a great relationship with DeLeo.

Look for him to have the same collegial relationship with Mariano.

Nothing matters more for a rep than to have a great working relationship with the speaker.

If reps don’t have that, they have nothing.

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