Easy got Wayland supt. job despite the mayor

I shouldn’t have had to leave Everett. I was willing to work for $1 a year. Instead I was kicked out. Now, I’m moving on” – Dr. Omar Easy


The mayor refused to give Dr. Omar Easy a recommendation for the superintendent’s position despite being asked three times by Wayland officials, it has been revealed to the Leader Herald by city hall sources who wished to remain unnamed.

Despite the mayor’s reluctance or failure to respond, the Wayland School Committee unanimously voted to name Easy superintendent of the Wayland Public Schools.

The mayor was apparently upset with Easy’s co-sponsorship with Adrien of a Black History Month event which was publicly advertised showing photographs of Easy and Adrien.

“The mayor in failing to give Dr. Easy a recommendation, if this is, in fact, true, is a repudiation of everything Dr. Easy has worked for in his life and which he stands for,” said Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien.

She revealed she was called and asked for a recommendation by Wayland school officials.

“I gave Dr. Easy a recommendation immediately,” she told the Leader Herald.

Dr. Easy worked his way up the ladder in Everett after graduating from Everett High School.


Along the way, he received a B.A. from Penn State, where he was a star student and football player, a Masters degree or two, and a PhD that followed his rise from humble circumstances.

From Penn State, he made it to the National Football league as a fullback.

When he got out of football, he came back to Everett.

He worked inside the School Department in a variety of administrative positions. He later worked for the mayor inside his city hall office and then returned to Everett High School as the assistant principal.

He would like to have been superintendent in Everett, he told the Leader Herald.

“I shouldn’t have had to leave Everett. I was willing to work for $1 a year. Instead, I was kicked out. Now, I’m moving on,” he said Monday during an interview.

“I want to be left out of political games being played in Everett,” he said.

He said he didn’t believe sources claiming the mayor didn’t give him a recommendation.

“I don’t believe that is true. I don’t believe that is accurate,” he said.

The mayor did not confirm or deny he made a recommendation for Dr. Easy.

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