The mayor’s diversity scam

It is high time for the mayor to end his fake diversity scam. On diversity, the mayor talks out of both sides of the mouth.

Coming out of one side of his mouth is this: he is the leader of the city pleading for diversity, dedicated to appointing a diversity chief in his administration, holding conferences with a respected Black leader in the community, and professing for all to hear, “diversity.”

From the other side of his mouth comes the fakery he is known for, which carries his signature and imprimatur, as the ancients would have said of his actions.

That is, there is no diversity to speak of coming from his administration.

The city is without a diverse workforce.

In twelve years at the helm, nothing has essentially changed about the city’s nearly all-white workforce.

The mayor as the bottom line makes certain Everett’s workforce remains this way.

While the city has changed dramatically in its minority make-up, its workforce has remained mostly, largely, distinctively white and non-minority.


Because the mayor needs to play to his declining base. Without the undivided vote of his mostly white base, he cannot win re-election.

The situation was the same in neighboring Chelsea for decades.

Although the city had turned mainly Hispanic, it took the collapse of the city government to remake things.

Today, a visit to Chelsea city hall or any of its departments reveals a minority city with a minority, Spanish-speaking work-force to accommodate the needs of Chelsea’s residents, who come from every walk of life and background.

This does not mean white people are excluded from working for the city. On the contrary, the mixed workforce is much more representative of the city’s population mix.

The mixed workforce deals with citizen issues with a clearer vision and a more well-rounded response.

Everett is a vastly changed place today than it was twelve years ago.

Yet the workforce remains non-minority by a huge and disproportionate margin given the demographics here.

It is high time for the mayor not just to give lip service to diversity out of two sides of his mouth, but to give diversity a boost by adding minorities to the workforce, to higher administrative positions, to positions of all kinds.

Everett’s city workforce under this mayor is neither diverse nor representative of the make-up of the city’s minority population.

The mayor is gaming minorities when he talks about diversity.

Everett’s city government must reflect its population make-up, not the mayor’s fakery and his latent belief that the city workforce is just fine the way it is.

Sooner or later this must end.

Everett isn’t a racist city, but its city workforce would leave most fair-minded people to realize that diversity must be the rule, not the hope.

The mayor fails miserably on diversity.

He leads a diverse city, but he does not believe in diversity. The mayor needs to stop speaking about diversity out of both sides of his mouth.

Such behavior from someone who ought to know better is an insult.

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