The outside looking in

City Councilor Gerly Adrien at her election celebration party. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

“Adrien’s transparency disturbs the old order, with its penchant for secrets and backroom deals.”


When Gerly Adrien was elected a city councilor it signaled a new day in Everett politics.

Rather than welcome Adrien, a number of her colleagues resented her appearance on the council.

They didn’t hesitate to act out against her and whatever she tried to do.

What they didn’t like and found hard to accept about Adrien is that she is Black. She is aggressive. She will not play their games – which is to support the mayor en masse in nearly everything he asks for.

Adrien’s transparency disturbs the old order, with its penchant for secrets and backroom deals.

Fast forward to last week.

Adrien’s op-ed piece in the Boston Globe detailed the reception she has been given and the efforts that have been made to put her in her place by many of her colleagues and the mayor.

This was followed by her appearance on the Jim Braude Show on NPR.

In a fast-moving interview with Braude, she detailed again how the only Black woman on the Everett City Council is being treated…because she is Black.

This was followed by a Monday interview on Public Radio that dovetailed off the Braude interview.

Again, Adrien described what a gaggle it is to serve on a city council almost entirely opposed to her because she’s Black, outspoken, educated, and transparent.

This leads many to wonder – can this be true or is it a figment of Adrien’s imagination?

This last Adrien appearance on Public Radio bothered the mayor so much, he demanded to have his say on Public Radio.

This is coming on Wednesday. We will report on it next week. When the outside world comes inside in a place like Everett, it is something significant to notice.

Never has what the outside thought meant so much to what Everett people think about themselves.

The power of outside media is considerable, especially when it comes inside to this city.

We all watch flat-screen TVs and the news. We all stay up on everything with our cell phones. Many people still read local newspapers.

When all the chatter outside comes inside, especially about racism and its ugliness, local politicians need to take notice and comport themselves accordingly.

The city government owes Adrien an apology for its behavior towards her since she was elected.

Those who have mocked her, those who have asked her to resign, should recant what they said and apologize to her. Those who believe she is too radical, and yes, those who don’t like her because she is Black…well…it is a new day in our society.

Those who fail to change will be left behind and ultimately, will be tossed out of office.

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