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Liars, age cheaters need to get back in line


Are you aware that people under 65 are lying about having underlying conditions?

Of course, you are.

But what are we to do in a society where it is every man and woman for themselves?

Go into a Walgreens and get vaccinated. No questions asked no proof needed.

Just another reason to have shortages and more importantly, gross, indifferent, scandalous inequities.

I think that’s pretty low on the humanity scale.

Those lining up and faking their way to get a vaccine shot are very likely to be taking a shot away from someone that really needs one.

I have a liver disease in short called PSC.

I’ve lived with it for about fifteen years. I guess I’m pretty lucky. Mine had progressed slowly.

Others do not.

The only cure is a liver transplant.

Now I’m at the stage of entering cirrhosis. I am at a high risk of liver cancer. I must follow up with my gastroenterologist several times a year just to make sure I’m going to stay alive. The liver disease wasn’t brought on by anything I’ve done to my body. It was brought on by an autoimmune disease.

Yet Phase 2 Covid-19 vaccine lists some eligibility requirements like obesity and smoking.

Liver disease is not on the list.

We have a large group of people that eat too much and are addicted to nicotine. They get diabetes and cancer. They’ve done this to themselves.

This makes them eligible for the vaccine.

This state and the entire nation have totally messed up the roll-out of the vaccines.

The eligibility game has become a moving target.

And people lying about health issues and age are lining up for shots and getting them.

I know someone who is eligible and yet they have to drive to Foxboro to get the vaccine.

Maybe if people didn’t lie then there would be enough vaccine in this area or Boston to get a shot.

In the meantime, like many of our readers, I am waiting in line patiently for the state to allow me to get a shot.

What a situation!

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