Showing strength and steadiness

Representative Joe McGonagle has defeated all comers the last two times out in elections that were never close.

He has solidified his hold on the rep seat from Everett with hard, smart work.

He has done this without much help from others.

He should be proud of his success.

Taking on McGonagle in a political battle has been shown to be a difficult task.

In fact, it is a losing battle.

During the COVID-19 disaster, he has been the key person at the State House bringing money to Everett to avert a crisis along with his colleague in government, State Senator Sal DiDomenico.

McGonagle’s efforts to bring money to Everett during the COVID-19 crisis have been particularly successful.

He knows his way around Beacon Hill.

He has the ear of the governor.

He has the ear of the Speaker of the House.

Right now, Everett is represented well by Rep. McGonagle.

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