Letter to the Editor

Dear Publius,

Re: People getting out a notebook and keeping track of how a Councilor voted on an issue.

They shouldn’t have to.

The Open Meeting Law requires that that information be kept as part of the minutes.

I have an Open Meeting Complaint on this in the process now.

The minutes are also supposed to contain who attended the meeting and a summary of what the discussion was on each agenda item, as well as the outcome.

I got a tepid response to my public records request.

After the 14 days for a response is up, I will file the complaint with the Attorney General’s office.

The AG’s office has not been very responsive about the missing 10/26/20 meeting video, but I was watching the meeting. Now that I see in the paper that Mayor DeMaria has declared, I’m seriously thinking of printing up lawn signs that say “Anyone but DeMaria for Mayor” lol.

Joan P. Beckta Everett, MA

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