Questions and answers with School Committee member Dana Murray

Question: If it is true that the mayor is now planning to stack the School Committee with members more likely to do his bidding, what is your response to such a thing, i.e., the stacking of the School Committee here or the stacking of a school committee anywhere by a mayor?

I will be running again. While I believe that I have a very necessary set of expertise for my role, I have personally never suggested that I am the only person suited to my seat. I can only say that I am doing my very best for all of our children every day. This was my promise getting onto the SC, and continues to be my promise. If the voters make another choice, so be it.

You said earlier when we spoke “I am horrified by the suggestion.”

First, I am still believing that this is all just rumor. Here’s the thing, I’m an educator, not a politician. So maybe I just don’t “get it.” However, the idea of anyone stacking a political body is abhorrent to me. Elected seats should be filled according to the will of the people.

Question: Could the mayor order you how to vote on an issue? Would you do his bidding if you did not believe it was the best thing for the school children of the city?

Frankly, I am surprised by this question. Nobody can make me do anything, not even my dear husband. I would never do anyone’s bidding, and I would never knowingly work against the children of our city. I’d like to believe that all of my colleagues share this core tenet.

Question: Has your experience on the School Committee been positive to date? Do you believe your voice is heard?

Ahhh, this is a tough one… I’m entering a school system that was plagued with legal and ethical issues, and now a pandemic? Sometimes it’s positive; sometimes it’s not. I have no political aspirations; I’m just a woman who knows and loves education, and I feel compelled to help my community with the particular skill set I possess. To that end, I’m doing what I can when I can — with integrity and grit. — As for being heard? Yes. I am heard. For better or for worse, I am there only for our kids — so, I make myself heard. Period.

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