The Pandemic conundrum

All of us have watched and experienced to the fullest, nearly everything the pandemic has thrown at us.

Some have lost loved ones. Others have lost businesses and their jobs. Many others cannot pay their rent or meet their mortgage obligations. Many, many thousands of people now unemployed cannot find jobs.

In the meantime, the economy sputters along.

Mostly everyone in the restaurant business is trying to survive. For restaurant employees and gig workers who work for themselves, the pandemic has been a disaster.

At least the next Stimulus package will provide for adequate unemployment compensation to carry these displaced employees for months to come, and to provide checks for families making $150,000 or less and for younger people out on their own over 18.

Small businesses will qualify for aid and on and on.

The conundrum comes because we are again lulling ourselves into complacency as though the pandemic is over.

It is not over.

Two-thousand people a day are dying all over the nation. Seventy-thousand is being infected every day.

What to do?

Loosen up restrictions? Open restaurants? Make-believe everything is OK because the numbers are coming down.

We don’t think so.

Again, what to do?

We don’t believe anyone knows what ought to be done. Doing nothing won’t work.

The virus will gallop back into the first position.

If we do too little, that won’t work either because the virus is still strong and spreading though not as fast.

If we let our guard down, we may sneak through to the end of this mess – but such a thing is uncertain.

Get everyone vaccinated?

This seems to be the right route. But what if everyone does not get vaccinated?

When does this national and world tragedy finally come to an end?

No one knows.

This is the sad part about everything we are doing.

No one knows how to end this thing or what exactly must be done to return to normal.

Many have the feeling there will never be a return to normal.

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