EHS vice-principal target of threatening messages

MARCH 8: Everett High School Vice Principal Cory McCarthy in his office at EHS. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Cory McCarthy says educating kids should not be made political


Everett High School Vice-principal Cory McCarthy has been bombarded with angry and threatening Tweets and e-mails; he has reported to the Leader Herald.

Some have threatened his physical well-being he said.

The Tweets and e-mails sent to McCarthy and others McCarthy has sent have made the rounds of social media in the local Internet environment.

In several of the Tweets he has received, the senders described him as a racist and a communist.

A photograph has also made the rounds showing McCarthy wearing a Che Guevara sweatshirt. Guevara was a Cuban revolutionary, a lawyer, who excited the interest of Baby Boomers during that era when Guevara was considered a rebel and a hero, and when Baby Boomers were trying to find themselves and to figure out how they could be free.

“I am not afraid,” McCarthy told the Leader Herald, speaking out about the Tweets and e-mails.

Several Tweets received by the vice-principal Monday are perceived as efforts to paint McCarthy as a racist who is trying to take away white privilege from whites.

“You specify you are Black in everything,” read one Tweet. “Every single post, you’re black. Sadly, you are very racist, and you’ve made that very clear. Go be black and I’ll stay WHITE,” added the sender of the Tweet.

McCarthy said he was not phased by the negativity.

He responded with a Tweet of his own to the sender.

“You are more than welcome to stay white. I just don’t want you to continue to be racist. But hey, sounds like you didn’t have a chance.”

McCarthy said whenever he has the opportunity to meet his detractors face to face, “they actually become normal after we’ve had a chance to share our views.”

McCarthy’s views are expressed clearly in the accompanying interview appearing in this week’s edition of the Leader Herald. “I have been welcomed to this community. It is a great community. I’m taking the next step joining the fight for equity. This is a fight for all the kids,” he said.

McCarthy said he refuses to get caught up in political battles. “Politics has no place in education of the kids,” he said.

The mayor’s reported recent efforts to begin packing the school community in order to remove Superintendent Tahiliani from her position is believed to be part of the force driving claims of McCarthy’s anti-white racism.

In recent months, Tahiliani has made a series of key appointments intended to change the face of the administration of the public schools – a face that has not changed for generations – so that the 82% non-white majority of students in the Everett public schools is reflected in the aspirations and management of educators who understand the needs of such a student population.

This has apparently piqued the mayor, who cannot control Tahiliani.

The mayor has been unwilling and unable to prioritize desegregating the city workforce, which is almost entirely white.

Under Tahiliani, the past is prologue, as Shakespeare wrote.

Since beginning her tenure, she has hired people of color, non-whites, to the following positions: Deputy Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, Budget and Grants Director, Executive Associate of Project Implementation, Director of Guidance, Vice-Principal, EHS, Assistant Principal Parlin, and family liaisons – a roster of employees who are bi- or trilingual.

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