Has our image, reputation been tainted?


Interesting how the administration is having trouble attracting qualified professional people to fill top city jobs.

Has the word been passed around to stay clear of Everett and the current mayor?

Is this possible?

Yes, it is.

It is more than possible. It is likely.

We need someone to head the library system.

We need a planning board director.

We are missing a Director of Elections during, of all years, a citywide election year.

This position is absolutely crucial.

We also lost the head of engineering who also was in charge of the DPW.

He has been replaced but that was in-house. No search necessary.

Now it comes to pass we are hearing that the Mayor is trying to force out the new school superintendent Priya Tahiliani. We’ve lost very qualified individuals.
Why did they leave?

Why can’t we fill these positions? Again, has the word been passed around to stay away from Everett and the current administration.

Has our image and reputation been tarnished?

I hope not.

Everett is flourishing. We are at a crossroads of permanently changing the skyline.

These empty positions cannot remain unfilled.

We are talking about education and growth. Two of the most important issues that a city can be faced with.

If the mayor continues to ignore, disrespect, threaten and bully department heads, others will be leaving.

It will be impossible to find qualified candidates.

Could it be the mayor doesn’t want certain positions filled? This will give him absolute control.

We need independent qualified personal to fill these positions. Especially the Election Department.

Education and properly handled growth are extremely important to Everett’s future.

Let’s not forget about diversity.

Without either of these Everett has no future.

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