Packing the school committee

The mayor’s clandestine effort to pack the school committee with votes favorable to him which he can control is all wrong.

It is not only all wrong, it is anti-democratic.

It represents the type of twisted and unethical political tampering with the schools which cannot be allowed much less condoned.

The management and administration of the public schools should be apolitical.

Bringing Everett politics into the running of the public schools is a big step toward mismanaging resources, squandering talent, and causing the children in the public schools to be victims of a flawed political process.

The mayor has become a voting member of the school committee.

This does not give him the right to take over the school committee by packing it so he can do away with new leadership in the running of the schools as well as to control the hiring and firing of school department employees.

The mayor must be made to understand in no uncertain terms by the membership of the school committee that educators need to run the schools, not the mayor.

The mayor should disavow himself from wishing to pack the school committee.

To do anything less is to show no respect for the school committee members as well as the administrators, teachers, and employees running the public schools.

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