K-5 grade schools to open April 5, others later this spring

The Lafayette School. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Everett’s public schools will be reopening on April 5.

The six-foot social distancing and health requirement will be reduced to three feet distancing between desks.

On April 1, the E-Learning Centers will be closed.

The opening of the public schools is being powered by several components – a lower infection rate that has brought Everett into the yellow zone is one.

Families have a right to choose in-class learning or stay-at-home instruction is another. Also, Covid infections have fallen dramatically throughout the city, and vaccination of teachers is well underway.

This has increased confidence in the April 5 opening.

Major safety efforts are gaining support from parents and teachers alike.

According to a poll of parents of K-5 students, administrators are expecting about 66% of K-5 students to attend school on April 5.

“We are prepared to welcome back as many students as possible. But we can understand a family’s decision to keep their children at home,” said Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani at Monday night’s school committee meeting.

”No parent is making a mistake choosing what they believe is best for their children,” she added.

Pre-K begins on March 29.

High school sports are now underway again with a full array of basketball and hockey games.

“What a relief that is,” School Committeewoman Samantha Lambert said.

Spectators are not allowed in Everett at the games right now.

Tahiliani said it was better to start conservatively as the season got underway.

Many of the games are being live- streamed providing access to those who cannot attend the games, said Tahiliani.

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