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Boomtown predicted for Encore as Coronavirus is slowly tamed


Those of you who follow closely the present situation and the future prospects for Encore Boston Harbor understand this: the present moment is dreary and a big drag on your positive energy.

Restrictions on groups, restrictions on games, restrictions on hotel gatherings, restrictions, restrictions, restrictions, viruses, viruses, restrictions – all of this is never conducive to business operating the way it should.

Industry analysts to a person agree – that within two years or more – this bump in the road – this year lost to the pandemic and our response – will be the stuff of a bad dream whose dark memory is fading every day.

Gambling is fun. Americans en Masse want to be having fun.

Gambling is extremely profitable.

Casino analysts intuitively know that what is happening with Encore and Wynn revenue figures today, is not a fraction of what will be happening within two to three years.

In other words, industry analysts pay little heed to present-day earnings reports from casino companies because they know for certain what lies ahead.

Future earnings reports will be explosive. When full occupancy is allowed, and full occupancy returns, revenues will not only grow to what they were, they will likely explode geometrically because of pent-up demand, sports betting online, more group activities aimed at business get-togethers, and the full monte.

Wynn stock price is evidence of how strongly believed in casino and hotel operations remain in the eyes of the stock analysts who look beyond the present spate of poor performance earnings rather than get bogged down in them.

The stock markets have been a bit off for the past two weeks largely because of the rise in the interest rate paid for ten-year US Bond- holders.

As the treasuries rise, stocks, especially tech stocks, generally fall because investors are generally looking for security over volatility.

Many major investors in today’s volatile marketplace do not want to trade a slightly higher interest rate on bonds in place of huge gains that can be attained in the stock market.

It is a balancing act – security versus volatility.

In the present marketplace, volatility and the possibility of quicker larger gains prevails.

Wynn stock this week is about 11 points off its all-time high for the year.

Wynn stock stood at $132.00 a share Tuesday.

Its 52 week high was $143.00. The 52 week low, $46.00.

This is a remarkable testament in real-time to the opinion held by investors and analysts about the value of Wynn as a company.

Wynn revenues were down about 70% in 2020.

Losses like that shown by many major companies are enough to tank their stocks.

Not so with Wynn.

Wynn is the high rider. It is the industry leader and will likely remain this way for the next few years.

Bottom line, Wynn stock price will rise dramatically for the next two years at a minimum.

When the restrictions are lifted, and the nation sorts itself out about travel and business conventions It has nowhere to go but up.

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