The struggle against COVID-19

MARCH 20: Patrons at the Grace Food Pantry Everett collect food from the service one year into the pandemic. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Infections fall, but pandemic fatigue sets in


Many of us from Massachusetts watch the television reporting of huge masses of drunken people swarming the entire length of Miami Beach and almost shutting down the city and we wonder – are we missing something?

With none of the partiers wearing masks on Miami Beach, and Florida basically wide open, again, we have to question ourselves: why aren’t we acting the same way as the partiers in Florida and in other states where mask are not required.

With deaths at more than 530,000 nationwide from the virus, and infections continuing to rise at about 60,000 every day, is the danger over from the COVID-19?

Is the pandemic done and finished?

No, it isn’t.

It appears to be under control, but this isn’t true, either. What is fact is that we are all tired of the restrictions on our lives but doubting about what comes next, and with good reason.

No one wants to get sick.

Most people wish to be vaccinated.

Many people are still being made sick by the virus and yet it appears that this virus, shutdown, period of our lives is coming to an end.

However, none of us can see the end clearly.

So many have died or been taken ill due to the virus recently that to ignore its dangers right now is a dangerous way of thinking and action.

Locally, we are into Phase Four of the governor’s trend toward normalcy – or the new normal as most of us are tending to call it.

Everett remains out of the dreaded red zone danger designation.

Infections are continuing locally but at a slower pace.

MARCH 20: Patrons of the Grace Food Pantry wear masks as they collect food on Saturday. Even with the vaccine pro- gram starting to pick up momentum health officials say masks are important to slowing Coronavirus. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Face mask requirements and social distancing rules remain in place, and with good reason.

No one wants a third wave of COVID-19 to bring down the house as it is being repaired.

Many thousands of Everett residents have received stimulus checks.

Thousands more will receive them on March 24, according to the US Treasury.

At the Federal level, tax filing has been extended to May 17.

If you’ve been on unemployment, you will get a $10,200 income reduction for the tax year 2020.

In addition, unemployment compensation has been extended to September for nearly all those on unemployment – and this includes the $300 a week benefit provided by the federal government.

Local businesses who have suffered during the shutdown can apply for and receive grants to remain in business and for employees to retain their jobs.

Families will be receiving substantial tax credits for each of their dependent children living at home.

Where and when does all of this end?

No one knows for sure. Only time will tell.

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