Burge graduates from UMaine Orono with Bachelor’s Degree


Janice and Arthur Burge would like to proudly acknowledge their daughter, Danielle, on her early graduation from Maine Orono with a Batchelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing and a Minor in Graphic Design. Congratulations on an outstanding achievement.

Exelon trying to renegotiate assessment

Mystic Generating Station by Exelon. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The city’s second largest taxpayer and source of income is in ongoing negotiations with the Everett assessor’s department to redo its assessment for the 70 acres of land it owns along the Mystic River, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

Exelon owns the land and the giant oil-fired generators Mystic 8 and 9 which are scheduled to be retired in 2024.

When those two generators are sitting idly, the value of the land they occupy is not worth as much as when the generators are running and generating millions of dollars in revenues.

This is how Exelon will look at the re-evaluation.

The city’s opinion will be just the opposite.

The city’s reassessment is likely to show the value of the land has gone up greatly since the TIF was signed twenty years ago.

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Missing council video investigation comes up empty

Angry Capone asks why this is the only vanished


The case of the missing city council video will not be solved any time soon following a thorough investigation by the mayor’s office, the mayor’s chief of staff Erin Deveney informed the council Monday night.

The efficacy of allowing the mayor’s office to investigate the missing video was not questioned.

The missing video from the meeting several months back detailed how Councilor Gerly Adrien was harangued and asked to resign by several of her colleagues because she refused to attend the meeting in person, among other difficulties her colleagues had with her presence on the council.

Adrien believes the attacks on her were racially motivated, a sentiment expressed by many of those who watched the proceedings that night.

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No free ride for mayor in this year’s election

MARCH 19: The race for the mayor’s office at Everett City Hall (above) will begin soon. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Capone, Adrien seen as top contenders


March is quickly turning into April. The winter is vanishing. The cold is dissipating. The pandemic is lessening its grip on all of us.

Now comes the mayoral campaign.

This is Everett’s Kentucky

Derby, its fight for the championship, its proverbial effort to determine who is the most popular of them all in Everett?

Who will that be this time around?

The mayor has announced early. He has set many things in motion for his reelection.

He believes he can’t lose.

That’s never the right way to approach an election, thinking you can’t lose.

The mayor running for, yet another term is getting a bit much, even for him. Even his supporters are aghast at over-development, poor management and some believe, mismanagement of funds, excessive spending, crimping on public safety, and pretending to care about public school education when he doesn’t.

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Boomtown predicted for Encore as Coronavirus is slowly tamed


Those of you who follow closely the present situation and the future prospects for Encore Boston Harbor understand this: the present moment is dreary and a big drag on your positive energy.

Restrictions on groups, restrictions on games, restrictions on hotel gatherings, restrictions, restrictions, restrictions, viruses, viruses, restrictions – all of this is never conducive to business operating the way it should.

Industry analysts to a person agree – that within two years or more – this bump in the road – this year lost to the pandemic and our response – will be the stuff of a bad dream whose dark memory is fading every day.

Gambling is fun. Americans en Masse want to be having fun.

Gambling is extremely profitable.

Casino analysts intuitively know that what is happening with Encore and Wynn revenue figures today, is not a fraction of what will be happening within two to three years.

In other words, industry analysts pay little heed to present-day earnings reports from casino companies because they know for certain what lies ahead.

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