A year lost is a year lost

Let’s face it, the school year 2020-2021 has been a bust. The pandemic ruined the year.

A year of personalized in-class learning was replaced with video learning. Never have we come to realize just how important in classroom teaching is to our children and the well-being of the Everett Public School System.

The year has essentially gone down the drain.

The disadvantages confronting students and teachers were manifold.

Nothing will be recovered by complaining about the year lost.

A year lost is a year lost. There is no way around minimizing such a loss.

What to do?

Frankly, the old baseball adage of “waiting until next year” works better than most.

In business, you can never make up what money has been lost in a bad year. The imperative after a bad year is to learn the lesson of loss and to commit to a much better year coming.

You can’t make back the money that has been lost.

You can only make new money during a new business cycle. The bad year can be intellectualized in the knowledge that next year will be better.

This year was a lost year.

Next year will be much better for everyone.

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