Back in the pandemic red zone

MARCH 31: Traffic flows through Glendale Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

No normal yet as COVID-19 ticks back up


Everett residents and people living all over the nation, from coast to coast, from the north to the deep south, believe the COVID-19 monster has been beaten.

In fact, as millions of people began moving about recently because of the mass vaccinations against the virus, new infections and hospitalizations are rising again.

Over the weekend, Everett was placed in the “red zone” of city’s where the virus is especially prevalent.

This dramatic reappearance of Everett as a hot spot was met head-on by Monday’s reopening of the public schools to grades K-5.

CDC experts warn of a fourth possible spike in new infections and everything that results from them.

The feeling isn’t unanimous, but experts believe a loosening up of restrictions on large crowds and gatherings of all kinds, as well as restaurants and sporting events, will lead to mass numbers of new cases of the virus.

Bottom line – the virus continues to raise havoc here and throughout the United States and Europe, South America, and in the Middle East.

To date, about 17,280 Massachusetts residents have died of COVID-19 during the past twelve months.

Everett’s Health Department is strongly urging residents not to let up on the safety regimen requiring social distancing, cleanliness, and the general awareness that the virus remains silent, unseen but deadly.

Approximately 643,000 cases have been reported in Massachusetts.

In Everett, about 150 men and women have died of COVID-19. Thousands have been infected.

As of the beginning of this week, more than 3 million Massachusetts residents have been vaccinated with at least 1 shot.

A very large percentage of the state’s elderly have received two shots.

Shots are being given daily to Everett residents at the former Pope John School.

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