Mailing touches raw nerve

Mayoral election likely to be nasty, crude flier seems to be just the start


During deliveries around the city of our newspaper las week, the driver picked up a half dozen fliers that Everett residents received in the mail from individuals who asked him to look it over.

They all reported the fliers came in plain white envelopes with a Florida postmark with no return address.

The envelopes were addressed sloppily in longhand or printed on the front of the envelope.

The 8”x 11” flier presumably attacking the mayor’s record on sexual harassment calls for him to step aside.

In large black Roman bold lettering, the following appears at the top of the flier: #Him-Too?

DeMaria is written across the top of the flier above that.

The flier calls for the mayor to step aside. It asks for an independent independent investigation.

It features a photograph of the mayor taken several years ago at a school committee meeting and a large photograph of Councilor Gerly Adrien below it.

A flyer (above) that has been distributed around Everett calls for an independent investigation of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

These names are listed in a row from top to bottom: Cuomo, Wynn, Weinstein, Epstein, Biden, and Clinton.

The flier is damning.

It calls attention to the nation’s fixation with identifying and vilifying sexual harassers and those who have been charged and or convicted of sexual harassment or who have paid women to keep their mouths closed about their experiences with those individuals.

Such politically charged mailings during an election season are no strangers to Everett elections.

This one coming so early in the campaign – and the mayor not yet with an officially announced opponent- came out of the blue as a surprise.

Councilor Gerly Adrien is believed to be close to announcing for mayor, or not.

Councilor Fred Capone is apparently in the same position.

Councilor Adrien disavowed herself from the mailing.

She said she had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Capone said he had not seen the flier. He said his signature would appear on everything distributed by his campaign.

The mayor does not respond to the Leader Herald.

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