Mayor refusing to respond to Adrien

Councillor Gerly Adrien announced Monday night that the administration, that is, the mayor, is no longer responding to request made by her to him.

Forget that her requests to him come from Everett voters, her constituents.

We know this means nothing to the mayor.

The Leader Herald is in the same position.

The mayor does not answer our requests for information from the administration.

Adrien is now being exiled by the mayor and backed up by the city council, which essentially refuses to let her speak on matters.

What does this behavior tell us about the mayor?

He is worried about Adrien’s possible run for mayor – so worried – that he refuses to answer her now.

It also shows the mayor requires her to do things his way or no way.

His treatment of Adrien once again reveals the mayor’s animus toward the first Black woman elected to the Everett city council.

It reveals as well his racism and his misogyny.

The shame of it all is that no one on the council will come to Adrien’s side to protect her from such deplorable behavior by the mayor.

The mayor should be ashamed of himself – and his staff of public relations and especially his chief of staff should tell he should know better.

But they won’t.

They don’t want to lose their jobs.

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