Only one outside legal fee matters

Since 2017, the city of Everett has spent $2.6 million for outside legal fees.

KP Law accounts for much of the year to year outside legal fees.

KP Law does a great job.

The city is well served by KP Law.

The vast amount of the money spent for outside legal fees went to former Governor William Weld and the law firm he represents, Mintz Levin.

The city paid Weld, et al more than $1.2 million in 2018 for his representation with regard to the city’s lawsuit against Eversource.

As far as we know, that lawsuit failed miserably to redetermine what the assessment for the Eversource land along the Mystic River is worth and how much it should be taxed by the city.

A determination still hangs in the balance.

At the present time, Eversource is paying what it has paid for the past 20 years – and that is – $15 million a year.

Until the Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino came along, Eversource was the largest taxpayer in the city.

Of significance is that Mintz Levin was representing the casino and hotel at the same time it was representing Eversource. There is likely something to question about the efficacy of such a situation being allowed to exist with so much money and influence being parceled out to the same law firm by the city of Everett.

Councilor Capone’s interest in determining what exactly has been spent and who has benefited from the arrangement is all about transparency.

The council should be concerned about so much money being spent by the city on a losing proposition.

Paying Mintz Levin $100,000 a month in legal fees for a year needs to be explained.

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