Adrien pondering a run for mayor

Decision likely next month



Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, believed to be considering a run for mayor, told the Leader Herald she will make an official announcement by May 17.

She said she had no comment about the mayor’s announcement and that said to be coming by Councilor Fred Capone.

“We’re still assessing if my candidacy is something Everett residents would want,” she said Tuesday morning.

“We have until May 17th to make that decision,” she said. If Adrien runs, she will be the first Black woman candidate for mayor in Everett’s history.

Also, her entrance into the mayoral fight would sharply accentuate difficulties the mayor would have in beating both Adrien and Capone in a primary.

Adrien has been exploring the possibilities of a run for mayor for several months.

She and the mayor are no longer speaking.

The mayor has been at odds with her since her election.

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