Aiming for strong citywide support in mayoral bid


The mayor is said to be fearing a run by Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien.

Let’s put this aside for a moment.

Councilor Fred Capone is ready to announce.

He has been quietly putting together a campaign. Capone is a lawyer. His wife is a lawyer. He is successful at what he does as a lawyer. The same can be said about his wife. He is also a real estate owner throughout the city.

Capone doesn’t want to be mayor to make money.

He already has his own money.

He’s got two kids in college.

After serving a long time in public office, he believes this is his moment.

He’s got it in his mind to run and to win the corner office at city hall against all odds.

He understands the mayor is a formidable candidate.

He is undeterred by that.

He is ready to do what hasn’t been done since the mayor was first elected 12 years ago – that is – to run against him and to defeat him on the merits of who they are and what they are about.

The mayor is said to be un-phased by a Capone run for the corner office.

“I am going to be the mayor forever. No one can beat me,” the mayor has repeatedly said for all to hear.

Capone doesn’t pay much attention to such hubris coming out of Carlo DeMaria.

He is not afraid of the mayor.

He won’t be bullied or bandied about by him.

He won’t be outspent by the mayor.

He won’t be out talked or out strategized by the mayor.

Capone won’t say it, but he is smarter than the mayor.

He has a better reputation than the mayor.

Those two things alone don’t necessarily give him an advantage over the mayor in Everett. Can Capone win?

He believes he can.

How will he do it? How can he or anyone beat the mayor at this point?

There are several key indications key to this race that is on the table for discussion.

Has the mayor’s time in office run its course?

Will the voters of Everett choose Capone over him to run the city for the next four years?

If the mayor’s time in office has run its course, if he cannot rely on voters to do the right thing for him in the ballot box, he is cooked, no matter what he does to get himself re-elected.

Twelve years is a long time to be the mayor.

He has made quite a few enemies during his time in office. The enemies will not cast a vote for him, nor will anyone in their families.

He has burned an awful lot of local folks during the past twelve years. Every one of those will be against him.

The real question, the compelling question, is this: can Capone’s honesty and integrity help him to be victorious? Does it matter to Everett residents and voters that Capone has a better reputation than the mayor for honesty and integrity?

Will it matter to voters that Capone is smarter and better educated than the mayor, and more successful in business than the mayor, among the people here who have elected him by wide margins time and again?

Can Capone lead the city to a new place when it comes to minorities?

Can he and will he pledge to stop threatening city employees as the mayor does?

Will he refuse to accept contributions from city employees as a start to a new day at city hall?

He very likely will.

Is there anything to gain with Capone over DeMaria for the next four years?

Will voters here buy into Capone over DeMaria?

We will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, Capone can be depended on to run a hard, strong, smart, fully funded campaign without getting into the gutter with the mayor.

Capone is a confident man running in the city where he has spent his life.

He doesn’t fear the mayor at all.

The mayor doesn’t fear Capone, at all.

That’s what makes this confrontation so interesting.

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