Encore scores major revenue gains

Gaming giant roaring back to life as gamblers stream to casino

Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Encore Boston Harbor reported an $8 million gain in revenues in March over February’s revenues, which were up $7 million from January.

The back-to-back monthly gains in revenues signal a major change in revenue direction for the gaming giant which has suffered horribly during the pandemic.

The March total, as reported by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission came to $49 million.

The breakdown revealed $20.3 million in table game revenues and $29.2 million in slot machine revenue.

Encore generated more than 2 times the total taken in by MGM Springfield which reported $22 million in revenues.

Encore’s revenues dwarfed those of Plainridge Park Casino which came in at $12.2 million.

Encore remains the undisputed king of gaming in Massachusetts by a wide margin.

Overall, the three Massachusetts facilities took in $84 million and paid $23.9 million in taxes as compared with February.

February’s figures showed $67 million for the three and $19 million in taxes paid to the state.

Clearly, the increase in hours, or rather, the return to 24/7 hours at all the facilities proved to be a boon to business.

At Encore, larger crowds nearly every day have been the norm during this increasingly relaxed period.

Vaccinations of older people are believed to be aiding in upping the revenue figures.

Older people represent a large percentage of those coming to the casino to gamble.

For nearly a year, older people have stayed away, petrified of the pandemic not wanting to catch the virus.

Encore Boston Harbor. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Encore’s persistent and rigid efforts to maintain the highest public health standards have also added to the upswing in revenues, according to casino analysts.

Encore’s hotel has been increasing its room rentals during the past 2 months, but the hotel remains half empty most of the time due to remaining restrictions on travel in and out of Boston.

Most of those restrictions at this point are self-imposed, with millions remaining scared to get on a jet.

Just the same, millions are willing to get on jets for flights.

Logan Airport is busier but nowhere near what it was before the pandemic.

Convention business and club-type activities remain dead in the water for the present.

However, all of this is expected to change as the virus comes under control and the majority of the American population receives vaccinations.

There has been no public comment recently from Encore about employment figures and whether or not former employees laid off because of lack of business are be- ing hired back.

With the spring now upon us, the expectations are for business increasing solidly at the Encore and for the summer to be far more profitable and businesslike than last summer when the casino was shut down for a period.

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