The Race is on, Capone is in

Will run for mayor against DeMaria


City Councilor Fred Capone volunteering at the Grace Food pantry. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

City Councilor Attorney Fred Capone is set to announce his candidacy for mayor Friday, according to those familiar with Capone’s scheduling concerning his campaign.

His announcement Friday will end months of speculation about whether or not he was going to take on Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who has already announced.

Saturday, DeMaria opened his campaign headquarters on Main Street.

Capone will also be opening a campaign headquarters during the weeks to come.

Capone is said to believe that this is his moment, and he is determined not to let it pass.

Capone has apparently set up a fundraising apparatus.

He has also created a video and social media platform with a website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Capone’s wife Michele, also a lawyer and lifelong resident of Everett like her husband, will be playing a key strategy and decision-making role in the campaign.

The announcement Friday will apparently be the day the social media platform launches and when Capone’s announcement speech will be issued.

Capone enters this race the decided underdog for the long time serving DeMaria.

He is believed to enjoy such a position at the beginning of the campaign.

Capone has told close associates he will campaign hard. He will take the high road. He will raise or put up whatever amount of money is necessary to take on the mayor, and that “I will win.”

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