Vaccinations, Covid-19 ticking up

City still gripped by stubborn virus


Everett’s Health Department reported 120 new cases of COVID-19 during the past seven days.

This indicates that the virus continues to have a stronghold here, and in many Massachusetts cities and towns despite everyone’s best effort.

Nationwide more than half the United States population has been vaccinated.

Many millions have said they will not get vaccinated, a disconcerting situation since the virus cannot be eliminated until all Americans have been vaccinated.

From April 14 to the present, Massachusetts has been reporting between 2200-1400 new cases of the virus every day.

Those people who have received two vaccination shots are allowed to visit with those who haven’t been vaccinated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health insists that masks must be worn, and social distancing must be followed.

Many restrictions leading to larger crowd gatherings appears to have stimulated the local economy.

The casino reported a robust increase in revenues over February. March earnings were $8 million more.

While much of the population remains gun shy to venture inside to eating establishments, sporting events, churches, and convention centers, the impetus is for the economy to get going.

Pent-up demand to go out and mingle, to eat at a restaurant is overpowering.

With all the vaccinations going on, there is a disconnect between the freedom those feel who have been vaccinated, which is juxtaposed against the unwillingness of many millions to get vaccinated.

The unvaccinated are the core population that the virus is going to attack, thus guaranteeing the virus remains an impediment to the economy and our lives returning to normal.

It is one of the great oddities of this pandemic and the times that so many about the virus and shrug it off – despite more than 500,000 deaths here.

The toll around the world is over 3 million deaths and yet millions resist the rebel against the harsh realities of science.

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