Capone says he’s running for mayor

Putting finishing touches on campaign plans


Councilor Attorney Fred Capone’s official announcement is imminent, according to one of Capone’s closest friends and advisor.


“He is dotting all his I’s and crossing all the T’s,” said the advisor.

The same advisor told the Leader Herald last week that Capone might be announcing last Friday.

Friday came and went.

“He is not one to do any thing halfway,” said the advisor.

“His official announcement is being planned for right now,” added the advisor.

Capone and his wife, Michele, also a lawyer, are said to be synchronizing his upcoming mayoral effort.

Also, Capone has not been shy about referring to his “campaign” in recent interviews.

Meanwhile, the mayor awaits Capone’s official announcement.

So too does Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien, also believed to be close to tossing her hat into the ring, or as many experienced political types like to say, she is believed to be close to jumping into the frying pan.

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