Nipping it in the bud

City eyes ban of scourge of booze bottles


Full nips are a little alcoholic treat.

Empty nips are a public health hazard. They are found everywhere through- out the city and have become an enemy of efforts to keep the city orderly and clean.

Banning the nips gained momentum at Monday evening’s council meeting, with the council leaning toward banning the small plastic bottles.

“I’m all for banning them as they did in Chelsea,” said Representative Joseph McGonagle.

Senator Sal DiDomenico was hesitant to ban them before his effort to have a bottle bill passed that allows them to be redeemed at recycling (redemption centers).

“That will get rid of them from the streets and side- walks,” DiDomenico said.

Councilor at Large Fred Capone said he was not of the mind to ban nips without further discussion with residents and business owners who rely on their sales for sustaining their businesses.

Councilor Rosa DiFlorio said she was OK with banning them. She was OK with a bottle bill covering them, so they disappear.

“I just want to get something done,” she complained.

Asked again for his opinion, McGonagle struck a home run with a good point.

“There is a helicopter on Mars right now. Surely, we can figure out how to clean up the environment of empty nips,” he said.

The matter was referred to the committee on rules and ordinances.

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