Battles in store for Council seats

Empty spots sought by many


With Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien’s council seats up for grabs, a number of candidates have materialized almost instantly.

Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky will be giving up his at-large seat.

He told the Leader Herald Monday he will be running for council in Ward 1.

Ward 1 is represented by Capone.

In 26 years, Matewsky has never failed to carry Ward 1.

School Committeewoman Millie Cardillo is giving up her SC seat.

Cardillo will be running for councilor at large.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le, the popular Ward 4 rep, is giving up his seat and will be running for an at-large position.

Jimmy Mastrocola, part of the well-known and highly respected Everett Mastrocola clan, will be running to fill Le’s seat in Ward 4.

Former Mayor and City Councilor at Large John Hanlon will be running for re-election as a councilor at large. Longtime councilor at-large Mike Marchese will be doing the same. Councilor at Large Richard Del Isolla is said to be moving out of the city.

He will be giving up his at large seat.

Councilors Mike McLaughlin and Anthony DiPierro are said to be remaining exactly where they are.

Businessman Al Lattanzi has said he is considering another run for Ward 6.

Rosa DeFlorio will also remain in her seat in Ward 5.

There is talk that Jason Marcus will be taking on Councilor Stephanie Martins in Ward 2.

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