Matewsky home after rehabbing at the Spaulding



Councilor Wayne Matewsky is back at home on Lewis Street following a short period of rehab at the Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge.

Matewsky, who was president of the council until he became ill in Florida, is expected to return to the council in a few weeks.

At that time, it is likely he will resume his duties as council president, taking over from acting council president Anthony DiPierro.

Matewsky is recovering from open-heart surgery after suffering a heart attack.

“I am so grateful for the outreach so many of my friends in this city have made to me. I have been touched. I am striving to get stronger so I can ultimately return to my duties,” Matewsky told the Leader Herald this week.

“I just can’t wait to see my mother and my dog, and to be made comfortable in my home and to be surrounded by friends and neighbors again,” he added.

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