Vandalism has no place in Everett

The Everett Police are hot on the trail of a pathetic human being who vandalized the Zion Baptist Ministries Church on April 29.

Churches, synagogues, mosque and other places of religious worship should be hate-free places.

But they aren’t.

Ours is a society out of control, where literally nothing matters anymore.

Can you imagine vandalizing a church or robbing a church or desecrating a holy place?

Here at the Leader Herald, we consider this abhorrent, dismal, sickening, and inhuman behavior.

Vandalism of a church or a holy place is all about hate and the disregard for a sacred place of worship.

The membership of the Zion Church has been sent in a tailspin powered by bad energy as a result of this incident.

The police will get the man who did this. They have his picture.

It is only a matter of time.

He will be prosecuted and punished.

All of us will be better served to make this a case that allows for the education of people who know not what they do.

The desecration of churches, synagogues, and mosques is about as low as you can go for those filled with hate.

This is a time for the Zion Church to stand tall…and to go on with its mission as though nothing has happened.

Such a reaction to this desecration proves the strength of the church.

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