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Mayoral race in high gear

Twin announcements rock city


Last week’s twin announcements by Councilors Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone that they are taking on the mayor in the September primary was a week to remember.

The announcements coming almost at the same time set off a tsunami-like wave of political blowback.

Most notably, the announcements of Adrien and Capone were well done and polished. Their professionally produced videos caused a widespread bit of comment on social media platforms dealing with the city.

The Leader Herald’s Facebook and official website attracted several thousand visitors, many with something to say about all the candidates.

As for the candidates themselves, here’s a look at the latest in this developing story.

Over the weekend, Adrien was out with her husband campaigning from door to door on streets off High Street.

“When you have a mayoral candidate this early campaigning like that, it is frankly unheard of,” said a well-known Everett personality and political handicapper.

“Capone was on the phone all weekend and moving around the city. He’s been following up the bevy of initial calls and promises of support he received when he made his announcement last week,” added the source.


“The mayor knows he’s in for the fight of his political life,” he added.

The mayor is said to have hired “political organizers and professional public relations staff from outside of the city to meet the challenge,” added the source.

Fundraising at full speed ahead is high- lighting the campaigns now materializing.

Adrien is said to be in the $70,000 – $80,000 range.

She has told supporters she believes she can raise several hundred thousand if necessary.

Capone’s money-raising effort is just getting underway.

Capone said early on he is capable of writing a check for whatever amount it takes to fund his campaign if contributors are scared away by the mayor’s promise of retribution.

“Many real estate owners and developers are scared of the mayor. He tends to send out the Building Department to inspect properties of those showing an unwillingness to contribute,” according to a half dozen real estate owners we have spoken with during the past two weeks.

Both Adrien and Capone do not appear to be scared of the mayor. In fact, in private conversations, they are said to be contemptuous of his bullying, his greed, his jealousy, and his perceived belief that he deserves more money than his mayor’s salary because of the job he is doing.

“Don’t ever forget the mayor’s favored response to new developers when he feels he is able to get away with it,” said a local businessman with first-hand knowledge of the mayor’s darker side.

And what is that?


“What’s in it for me,” ‘is the mayor’s mantra,” the businessman said.

Sexual harassment issues are certain to dog the mayor as he seeks another term. The public record is rife with the mayor’s alleged involvement in repeated sexual harassment incidents. The Boston Globe has detailed them with great investigative effort. The mayor will be forced, it is believed, to discuss these matters and his misogyny.

A key question being asked: will the mayor want this kind of public scrutiny of his private life after 12 years?

Many believe money is what matters most.

The mayor is believed to be prepared to spend up to $300,000 to retain his seat.

Between Adrien and Capone it is very likely and quite possible the same amount of money can be raised.

One of the improbables is whether or not the mayor has worn out his welcome as the city’s mayor after 12 years.

Political know it all’s agree – if his time has come, no matter what he does, or how much he spends, or how many newsletters he mails out, the mayor cannot win.

The mayor, of course, tells anyone who will listen that he is the mayor forever.

“I cannot be beaten,” he likes to say.

In addition, it is believed the mayor will not consent to debate either Adrien or Capone or both.

Why not?

Because when you are made to answer, you lose.

He no longer speaks or communicates with Adrien.

Capone is prepared for the same type of treatment.

All the organizers working for the three candidates understand this coming primary is about women, more than men, the poor, more than the rich, the Blacks and browns more than the whites, the elderly, more than the young.

The post-pandemic world will allow for more traditional campaigning this summer and into September.

Door to door will be allowed, but with minor limitations and social distancing.

All three candidates are expected to run frenetic campaigns to get out their vote.

Identifying that vote and bringing it out on a primary day is what matters most, they all agree.

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